Grade 9 Manga

Welcome to the Grade 9 Student manga, where imagination and artistry converge to create captivating narratives and stunning illustrations! Kana A en-us/contents/view?code= 5c3079eb-3ebc-43fa-b19d- 3a38bab0e26d&at=1710395085 Noa O en-us/contents/view?code= bbb139e3-205e-42be-a2a6- dbb67d6d5534&at=1710395124 Riku K en-us/contents/view?code= 2b6bfc0d-2cb3-4ea5-9733- 1bb3d25b30ac&at=1710395144 Wakana K en-us/contents/view?code= 5f1ecac1-3b86-4480-9540- 5a3a9b4df4ca&at=1710395168 Rinnosuke K en-us/contents/view?code= 56574a1e-2f78-4a6b-9ae6- 8f35478ea2db&at=1710395188 Yukei K en-us/contents/view?code= ee1e5f16-b768-42dc-9f85- 28fed34e8dae&at=1710395208 Miharu K en-us/contents/view?code= 2018d2ef-697a-458b-bdf1- 8bf21cdcf3b5&at=1710395227 Kei S https

Grade 9 Interdisciplinary Unit- Arts, English, and Science

  Grade 9 Interdisciplinary Unit- Arts, English, and Science The Grade 9 students experienced a unique interdisciplinary unit (IDU) weaving together Arts, English, and Science. In this dynamic collaboration, students unleashed their creativity to craft a captivating manga universe where superheroes wield scientifically inspired abilities. Through storytelling, artistic expression, and scientific exploration, these young minds brought their characters to life, blending imagination with educational depth. Witness the magic as literature, art, and science converge, building a holistic learning experience that sparks innovation and ignites a passion for knowledge. To access the students' products, kindly click on the links provided. Enjoy! en-us/contents/30e08a7d-70af- 4f1c-948e-b585468c07dc?at= 1704433227 en-us/contents/9f3103c6-d1d8- 4ec5-99fb-87b3be005f5d?at= 1704433227 en-us/contents/9d5b47

Grade 10 Self-Portraits

  Year 10z students paint self-portraits "I think, therefore I am," said the French Philosopher Rene Descartes back in 1637, and 18 students from 10Z explored different concepts of their own self-identity through this painting ass… Go to this Sway

IB DP Results November 2022

Congratulations to our Grade 12 students! We appreciate the DP teachers' efforts in working tirelessly with our students. Thank you to the staff and parents for their support!

Testimony of Yuya Minami (Class of 2019)

Yuya's testimony as a DP student is published on the IB consortium site.

MYP G8 JAPANESE A「走れメロス」スピンオフ小説 2022 一般閲覧用

  暁秀中学バイリンガルコース2年生が、MYP Japanese A で取り組んだ課題です。 Key conceptは「変化」。登場人物の心情の変化はもちろん、原作となっているシラーの「人質 譚詩」から、太宰がどのように変化させたのかを比較分析し、創作の意図を考えました。 Taskでは、中心人物を変更してスピンオフ作品を執筆しました。語り手の効果、象徴や情景描写も意識し、また「走れメロス」の中での謎も解決するという、多くの要素を含んだ作品作りとなりました。 表紙もCanvaで作りました! リンクから電子書籍でお楽しみください。 ぜひ♡をクリックし、リアクションをよろしくお願いします。 MYP Grade 8

MYP G10 Japanese A 歌物語2022 一般閲覧用

暁秀高校バイリンガルコースの高校1年生が、現代短歌をもとに「歌物語」を執筆しました。 リンクから電子書籍でお楽しみください。 リアクション❤️もよろしくお願いします。 MYP Grade 10