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Grade 9 Interdisciplinary Unit- Arts, English, and Science

  Grade 9 Interdisciplinary Unit- Arts, English, and Science The Grade 9 students experienced a unique interdisciplinary unit (IDU) weaving together Arts, English, and Science. In this dynamic collaboration, students unleashed their creativity to craft a captivating manga universe where superheroes wield scientifically inspired abilities. Through storytelling, artistic expression, and scientific exploration, these young minds brought their characters to life, blending imagination with educational depth. Witness the magic as literature, art, and science converge, building a holistic learning experience that sparks innovation and ignites a passion for knowledge. To access the students' products, kindly click on the links provided. Enjoy! en-us/contents/30e08a7d-70af- 4f1c-948e-b585468c07dc?at= 1704433227 en-us/contents/9f3103c6-d1d8- 4ec5-99fb-87b3be005f5d?at= 1704433227 en-us/contents/9d5b47